Late Night Hunting

I was On The Hunt today. Here are a couple of quick pics of my favorite things. I will say that the hunt is generally easy in that the blog has both SLURLs and hints so if you can't find a prize you can easily move on to the next stop.  Along with the items shown which of course may not be YOUR favorites *wink*, there are several nice pose ball sets for couples.

Photo one includes a very (VERY) nice smallish studio skybox from {Bastian}. The textures are premium and the skylight wall definitely staves off claustrophobia. I am wearing the gals gift from Wilson's Designs. The gift for the guys is right by the gals so no extra hunting needed. I added a belt from Eclectica.

Also on my personal favs list is the very classy bar with drink giver from Low Prim Living.  The textures and sculpts are extremely nice and it is fairly thrifty on your prim budget.  This is a no copy item so you may want to pick up a spare; I went back. Paranoid on losing things these days :D.

That's my quick evening report.