Neutrals On The Dock

Decked out in some new mesh releases, I ventured over to The Looking Glass -- Viewer 3 (the Firestorm version) as my constant companion.

Gogo will appreciate the backside shot (her latest challenge) and you will most likely appreciate the details on the mesh mini. The hadlee denim mini skirt hales from JANE and comes in light, classic and ebony denim. This is a great basic skirt for moving through the seasons with ease. I needed to move up a size in this item, most likely because of my height -- I am not exactly what most folks would think of as "petite".  There is a more summery release in this same general style that I really like, but coordination won the coin toss and this worked best with my other show and tell items.

These new mesh shades are both striking and classic. The SG 90's from Role Optic come with a hud that includes a kill script option as well as these features:

▪ Elegant size changing through the menu
▪ Move "On Head", "On Nose" and a custom position + optional Avatar Animation
▪ Adjust the whole frame or single parts of it
▪ Colors of frame
▪ Colors of lenses
▪ Gradients of lenses
▪ Lens Flares
▪ Transparency
▪ Reset back to manufacturer settings

Now to be honest, I didn't read the notecard until after shooting :D. But once I did, I definitely wanted to try the on head option and see what the animation was about. So cute!  (/me things of ways to work this into a machinima) The animation has you pushing the glasses up to sit on your head or bringing them down to wear as glasses. Clever! I love it.  With rhinestone trim, these are definitely an uptown, stylish accessory.

Last but definitely not least (except that they are FREE) are these great shoes from Flax Pye . They come with a complex but very easy to use HUD that lets you change not only skin and nail color, but allows you to choose how much detailing and contrasts you want in your look. Change the color of the studs or have them disappear, your choice. I really like the shoes in this shop. A little retro, a little boho, a little today -- it all works. Find the magnifying glass for On The Hunt and get these as your prize.  Thanks to riri for the photo and the word "hunt" which lead me on my journey of the morning.

Poses by: Vista Animations Most Wanted AO and the purse.