As we move into a new month additional hunts are on the horizon. So many these days it is difficult to choose which to follow. But especially for those of you who shy away from searching and such there is goodness of the go and gather variety at Paradisis. This very cute "Falls" top and socks (see below) in all layers in both violet and wine can be found HERE for free. There are plenty of others colors to be had of course as well as a super short coordinating mini-skirt, just out (not shown).

 The socks are asymmetrical which is fun. I especially like the sleeve extensions -- nothing new there.

If violet is your color, you will love these pretty flower earrings from .:CoLLisions:.  So pretty!

Ah, the "milestones" in the title refers to moving past the 2,200 blog post mark. Always nice to get to replace that number. I am looking forward to post 2,222 :D.

Poses by: Vista Animations