Last weekend I suggested that Chandra and I should do something fun. She knew what that might be. I only knew that it entailed getting a mermaid outfit (pun intended). Luckily I had seen a post on the feed showing a pretty mermaid set for free. I hadn't been in a camp chair for a very long time, but was perfectly willing to sit for an hour for my choice of fishy attire.

Our dual photo shoot was this morning. It is always fun doing these. We see things so differently that our photos are always surprising to compare. I admit that this underwater shooting was difficult for me. I cycled through my very long list of Windlight settings trying to find some that didn't make us complete black or green *wink*.  I am fairly happy with the results, the top photo being both my favorite pose of the set and my favorite shot. I got a little dreamy with my post processing software, but it seemed fitting.

Along with the free mermaid gear that I picked up at the Haven of Mermaids camp chairs, I am wearing some pretty natural pearl bracelets from [Acide!]. These are actually the prim part of the new  Enlace moi -  Gris gloves, so a double duty accessory and very fitting for mermaid attire. Chandra is wearing a mix of old and new including a ancient but still impressive fish avatar outfit from Tekeli-li (still available) with Deviance - Mermaid Tail and Shell Top - Fairy Moss (sold separately). Her skin is from Anglerfish and hair from RedQueen.  Note: See Chandra's comment if you are interested in the details of her outfit.

The real star of the show -- besides the lovely fishy women -- is the new pose prop soon to be released,  (*chanimations - The Siren's Song. Lots of nice poses including swimming are available by clicking on rocks. There are versions for above water and beneath as well as an indoor pond version. /1a adjustments let you move those tails as needed *wink*.  The poses, as always, come separately also.

Poses by: (*chanimations

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    # by Chandra - September 21, 2011 at 9:57 PM

    chic, sorry for confusing you :D The skin is part of the Tekeli-Li avatar, which is called "Anglerfish" - not sure if my messy listing made that clear ;D