Catching the Moment

Sometimes -- when you are very lucky -- the perfect moment just happens.

I had taken my photos for the eve, a collection of nice fashion shots processed and ready to post -- when I spied the swing.  It was a hike away, but I knew it offered possibilities and so I took the time to explore. I was happily rewarded with this shot.

Not only is it a lovely moment in time, it is a perfect example of the upside of mesh clothing. So natural. So beautiful. I don't want you to think I have jumped completely on the mesh bandwagon, but when it works it is a glorious thing. My maxi skirt? It is from Jane, a store I featured complete with demo signs *wink* not long ago. There are many new releases, but this lillith maxi skirt is my personal favorite. It might just be that I lived in these skirts a decade or so ago. Memories are powerful things. The patterns are lovely, delicate and vintage, the colors soft as the fading summer.

Fit is the key with mesh clothing. Get the size wrong and you look like a kid playing dress up in her mom's clothes.  With four sizes to choose from and demos in the store, you have a very good chance of finding the perfect fit at Jane. Once you know your size, it's a breeze to see if the style is for you. Viewer 3 or equivalent is needed of course, but you KNEW that :D.

My earrings are also mesh, one of several style recently released at PixelDolls.

Poses by: Vista Animations and the swing