Steam Hunt 5 - Wrap Up

 I did some more of Steam Hunt 5 this afternoon. With lots of irons in the fire I will most likely not get to all the stops. I went to all my favorites of course, and then just picked here and there from the list depending on what sounded interesting. I had a great time and most of the gears were fairly easy to find -- happily so. I am sure my neighbors think I am quite insane in my Floating Steampunk Tire from The Julia Collection, but I really love it. Since it is no copy and I am a bit paranoid after losing so much, I will most likely go back and get a second one. You just never know.

Another personal favorite and one that fits right into my living quarters is this daybed from noctis. I have many noctis items in my abode. They are a little fancy for my shack, be we do inherit things sometimes in the Bayou *wink*. The daybed comes in a pack with other goodies including an ornate canopy and lots of opium smoking gear.  The bed holds two and includes lots of nice animations. The adjustments are a little hard to deal with, but the design is lovely and matches the settee and chair nearby but out of camera shot.

Two other additions to my newly prim rich plot are this very nice music box (part of the prize pack) from
Capilini Fine Furnishings. It plays the most lovely song, has a wind up key in back and opens with a warm glowing crystal inside.   The tea service from Cedar Bay Furnishings has very realistic steam. Even better it reads your fortune! Much fun.

Getting pretty fancy in my neck of the woods. Have fun hunting!