I have lots of goodies in my "New Stuff / Jewelry" folder. Some have been lingering too long, waiting in the partnering game. So, I've decided to show them off on their own -- no clothes, minimal background. First up is this Kiowa set in amber from Elemental Earth Designs. Bracelets and a ring are included in the set. Definitely bright, distinctively bold, this set will add some pizazz to the simplest of outfits.

Both feminine and refined, this necklace is part of the Cassana set from Magpie (currently at the Jewelry Fair). Bracelets, earrings and ring come with the set. Choose from four colors and wear with your everyday garb or for fantasy role play. You can pick up just the ring in a Jewelry Fair gatcha machine.  The purple version of the Cassana earrings are a free subscribo gift. Good job, Nissa!

These lovely Good Fortune Earrings are from Addiction Jewelry. I know I have tried these on before, but they don't seem to have made it into a blog post. Somewhere between Victorian and Gypsy, these intricate beauties offer a hint of mystery that I love.

A new arrival, this ~*Star Kindler*~ Filigree Platinum Mask is available now at the Jewelry Fair. Many sizes are included so fitting is a breeze. A similar gold mask is the charity item. So very pretty and quite magical, I filed it under jewelry :D.

Poses by: Vista Animations Most Wanted AO