Steam Hunt 5 - Outdoors

Steam Hunt 5 is here and while there are still a handful of stores that have no gears and such, you can pick up a notecard in the Steam Hunt Punks group that let's you know the status of stops; SLURLs included. Yeah.  I found lots of great items this morning. Here are a few of my favorites. My outfit (the one for guys will most likely appear later) is from CAMILLA'S. This cutie comes with a longer but still open skirt and a nice sculpted belt (not shown). Even if you don't love STEAM, you will most likely love the boots *wink* (uses alpha layers).  Those extra goggles around my neck  (a gal can never have too many goggles) are from  Jolbey & Jasper and come in three styles -- neck, head and eyes. Very nicely done.  

The steampunk solarium hales from Malfean Visions. It comes complete with fence, grass, potting bench and sundial. The items are mod so you can use what you need, add more fencing, etc. A very nice gift. Note that the hint on Friday didn't match the actual gear -- hence much looking. So I suspect that the gear is moving often and the hint may not always be updated.

So incredibly cute, this little engine that could comes in both vehicle form and as a pose prop. Happily I don't live far from train tracks (in either life *wink*) so trying it out was a breeze. There are several poses with adjustments. It is sized for bigger guys but adapts pretty well for gals. It is the gift from Artificium Trading Post and easy to find with the hint on the board.

That's my first report on STEAM 5. Some scrumptious new decor items have been added to my shack. Actually my shack is looking pretty fancy these days. So more reports a coming.

The official list of hunt stops is here:

Again, join the group for a minute or two to get the list with the problems listed. No point hunting if there is nothing to find!

Pose by: Vista Animations