Mesh and Me

I journeyed back over to Viewer 3 territory today. I saw that there were demos of a cute new sweater out -- and on special. Since I had had such bad luck with mesh clothing so far, I wanted to give it another try. And I am happy to report that the future does look brighter than I suspected. The outfit above (obviously a demo *wink*) hales from JANE.

The store was packed when I arrived and to be fair, since I was in Firestorm 2 at the moment instead of 3, there were a lot of blobs on my screen and mostly invisible avatars. But everyone seemed to be having such a good time, I logged out and changed viewers!  My return was a much prettier sight of course. People were trying on all different demos giving me a fashion show. This is the sweater on special. I appear to be the smallest size (who knew?) so larger avatars are definitely welcome here. Yeah!  If you are a really tiny gal, you may not be able to find a perfect fit, but with FOUR choices in sizing most folks will.

I especially like the poncho as it is very "me". And I had several real life long skirts as shown in the top photo, so that was fun to revisit. Very pretty.

I also figured out that while Windlight is different in the FS 3 viewer, it is mostly likely an improvement and not just a change (whew!) and will be easier to use for many folks. There is that learning curve of course.

That's my new horizons update for the day.

Poses by: the demo clothing *wink*