The Quest - Ist Act

I went out tonight on a quest. The prize? An impressive complete avatar from Ist Act. Follow the clues, pick up the shards and claim your very nice prize. THIS, however, isn't the prize, it is my hunting outfit -- a new release from Beautiful Dirty Rich.  When I arrived at Ist Act I was still in Victorian garb. That would simply not do. So after finding the first shard in the store proper, I TPed home to change. This NeurotiKat outfit was perfect attire. It comes in a large variety of colors and includes enough mix and match options -- even a skirt, ears and tail -- to keep you playing for a long while. I chose the brown version as it seemed to reflect the nature of the role play sim.

The game within a game is quite simple really and I suspect my total time exploring was under an hour. I took a detour along the way -- at least on the quest for THIS complete avatar. There are four prizes in all with the three being for the guys. Gals could wear them too of course, just not the skin and shape. I am using my own skin and shape here; I feel most comfortable being "me".

Choose the avatar you want to claim, follow the clues on the HUD provided and then come back and retrieve your prize.

Your journey will take you into the role play area, both city and desert -- at least that is where the gal's clues lead. There is much to explore. The build is nicely done and I love the desert. I will absolutely return. No doubt there. So venture over, pick your avatar of choice or go for all four if you are a greedy person *wink*. The quest is worth the time, the prize is simply a bonus.

Poses by: Vista Animations Most Wanted AO