Commander In Charge

You can pick up two new great releases at the [Blue Sky] store. The easiest to procure is this group gift skin. Definitely striking, it may not be your everyday skin but if you love it, you can purchase the same design sans face paint in nearby vendors. The skins come in light shades with this being the next to darkest.

Also up for grabs by way of two Lucky Boards, is this very impressive command ship. It is a big build so space is needed -- or a sandbox if you are using it for photo shoots or filming. I am not a big fan of glow usually, but here it really works. The textures are luscious.  Great for role play or even turned into a club, it is worth waiting for your letter to come up. This is a short term board so get there quickly before it disappears.

This is the end view of the build which features an observation window. Automatic opening doors swish as they should when you pass through.

We just need R2D2 to complete the picture.

My outfit is an oldie from PeKaS Design.

Poses by: Vista Animations