Premium Perks

If you haven't received your official email from The Labs, or if you use an address that you seldom check (I used to be guilty of that one), you may  have an extra perk this month - Premium Member Only freebies. I admit I don't spend a lot of time on the web reading all the late breaking SL news, urban legends or rumors. Still, when Sami called me up and said she had an email from SL with a promise of goodies, I was both surprised and curious.

Here's the deal. Premium members can pick up gifts (the blog post seems to suggest this may be a monthly perk) at designated spots on the grid.  This month's vanguard offering is a very nice furniture set from the Loft. I especially like the couch, now ensconced in my newly revamped office. The animations are superb and most fit both Sami and yours truly (a rare and happy surprise). I was wondering what the whole grid was going to do with a burgundy couch. Then she discovered the texture change menu. LOTS of choices. I suggested brown with neutral pillows to go along with the rest of the decor. You can even change the wood type on the legs.  There are tables and lamps and plants too.

Another bonus for premium members is a new set of sandboxes that apparently only let premium members in.

I have learned to stay out of the Linden public sandboxes or at least be up so high that visitors seldom intrude, but especially for newer folks -- what a plus. Much less griefing.

So this seems like one of the best moves by The Labs for pulling in premium members. The Linden Homes idea seems to be going well judging from the questions on the help forums. The bonus content can be used by both mainland owners and those in the LH compounds.

Sami's outfit is a Last Call classic no longer available. I too am in older garb, working my way toward Fall. Designers to thank for my "getting a bit cooler now" outfit include Paradisis, Miel, Magika, MIS and Baiastice (love those sandals).