Shop :SEY hits 700!

Shop :SEY --Honmoku 156/53/34 -- set out a gift for its now 700 members. A very appropriate T shirt (jacket layer only) with a 7 on it and the L.O.K.E. logo. Fitting for both guys and gals. Find it near the coffee table. You can ALSO camp for this newish (I haven't been there for awhile so not sure of the timing) VERY detailed bangle bracelet in leather. Comes in sizes for both guys and gals. Sit 15 minutes with your group tag on to get it. You can also camp for other items.

Also shown are my Bloody Mess jeans from Sn@tch -- Pulse 175/219/30 -- part of this week's on the wall hunt. Untied sandals from Shoes Simply Shoes (not free) complete this morning's outfit.