Starlust Motel

So the Starlust Motel -- Cubana 124/246/23-- opened yesterday as I understand it amidst the flutter and fury of the grid a muck. (I guess amuck isn't really a word, but checking it is a variant of "amok" which means "b: in an undisciplined, uncontrolled, or faulty manner" and I guess that covers it.)

ANYWAY ----- there is a celebration of sorts and freebies. The good news is that this IS a fun build, very retro, very shabby, very different. True they could have had better poses and such as many either didn't work (an instable grid thing perhaps) or were just boring (most likely not).

The second good news is that there is a very nice free skin from La Sylphide (shown above). The only other item I kept was a plaid skirt from Thimbles. Most of the other items (free and dollarbie) had "issues" in my mind.

As always disclaimers apply. YOU might love some of the things I discarded.