Samara's Halter Sets

Samara just sent out a gift to the existing members of her update group (interesting :D). A tan version of her newest release, the fabrics reminded me of tropical rain forests, lost temples and Indiana Jones. So -- I blinked on over to the jungles of Mexico to take some photos.

There is a beautifully flowing long skirt with two layers of fabric, some "city shorts" with prim legs, some slacks, regular shorts, and a halter top (on three layer) that will go with MANY things.

I wore my Untied Sandals (from Samara) and the Timetraveler necklace I camped for at Magika one evening not too long ago. Many great possibilities of layering here and adding to also. THANK YOU SAMARA for a great set of clothes that make me feel adventurous. Find them in navy, rose, teal and green at Samara Studios -- Gembong West/233/104/31.