Monday - Monday

Lots of news out there on the blogs today, and while yesterday was another problematic weekend at Phil's Place, it was personally very rewarding for me. Thanks so much for those of you that bothered to post or IM me with positive comments. I really do appreciate it.

So taking a deep breath. Here goes MONDAY ---

Mewf Demina is leaving Free Speerit --Quest III 156/151/22 -- and giving away her hair styles before she exits the building. I got there before the sim was full (chuckle) and grabbed fat packs of my favorite styles. There are quite a few to choose from so there should be one that looks good for everyone. Not all head shapes take to all styles as I am sure you know by now :D Shown here is Lyrlia in mahogany,

Thanks to SL Freestyle who now seems to be posting in Babbler? (maybe Japanese?) too - I found some nice overalls at the Rahz store -- Dentro 204/8/108. These are EXTREMELY NICE overalls. They are indeed dark blue denim with lots of hand drawn details. I tried to show you all that in the rear view (wink) but the front is just as nice.