Vote with Your $$$$$$

This is not really a contest. I just wanted to get your attention. It is really a move to be APPRECIATIVE of all the designers we love who "love" us and give us great things. We know who you are and they are different for everyone.

An aside here: I want to thank ALL the folks -- both friends and strangers-- who wrote positive notes on the blogs and sent me IMs on the latest freebie controversial drama on the blogs. If you missed it, leave it. If you suspected there was more behind it than met the eye? You are a good little blog sleuth. Enough said.

So it was a busy day for me. No, I wasn't hiding out anywhere :D. I was camping for a lot of hours in preparation for my afternoon sojourn. You see -- I had a plan.

My plan was simple. Support the designers you love with your lindens. And I did. Now for some of you, this is a very simple thing. You spend $5 or $10 US dollars and it is no biggie. You give up a latte or two on the way to work. We each, I suspect, have our own game plan within the "game" and mine includes the rules NOT to spend any RL dollars and not to form any romantic relationships. So, for "me" to spend $2000 Linden today was a BIG deal. I earned every penny camping at places that knock you off every hour (or half hour) or at trivia at Calla. That's the backstory.

And here's the fun.

My plan was a simple one really. Support the designers you love with your Lindens. Now I am SURE that many of you already do that. I am also sure that many of you do not :D. I have made a few purchases in SL since I came here 3 plus months ago. Not as many as I would have if I was using RL dinero (smile). So this was a BIG step for me.

First stop. Tuli -- Le Zoo 130/143/22. I loved the outfit from last night. I will most likely not wear the hair that often and will add some accessories of my own (not shown here) to the mix, but it was MUCH appreciated. I went out purposefully to buy something from Tuli to say "thank you". While there were several outfits I admired, I ended up choosing the same outfit only in green. One reason was that I felt it could move into Spring easily in the light green color. And without the belt (so cute but sort of Fallish) it does just that. I also bought this pose from the Tuli shop. Shoes are Untied Sandals from Shoes Simply Shoes. (And that's another story.)

Next up? If you read me often, you know -- Sn@tch -- Pulse 175/219/30. Of my total wardrobe I have more Sn@tch items than anything else. So WHO do you support with your Lindens? IVEY!!! Now I didn't spend a ton of money but the thought was there. Actually I have so many items on the wall it was hard to find something I didn't have. I found a REALLY fun outfit that I absolutely love (almost as much as my '84 jeans).

I have no idea what era it came from. No doubt before my time but it is colorful patchwork pants (they came bell bottoms but I modified to straight) and four or five tops in different colors. The BELT is wonderful and flow so nicely. I have to admit that since this was a transfer no copy item I was a bit worried about adjusting the size (Ivey admits she has a big "bum" (wink)). But I did it and it is perfect. Those building classes are paying off for sure.

I paired it with some disco hair from Bewitched (hunt) and my nightmare shoes from ::69 (those are getting to be a standard) and I have an outfit. Note the new cute poses? They are from the next stop on my spending tour --- Ana_mations -- Sterling Heights 122/95/22!

Ana_mations put out a fantastic Drama Queen AO a few weeks ago. I love it. But still, if I am tired of looking at the same poses, you must be too. This AO was heartstoppingly spendy for me (800 linden) but has 5 long animated stands, plus sitting (shown) and ground (laying) and the typical "sexy walk" so a great deal all in all.

Onward to my last stop of the eve. Running out of Lindens and I will be camping or at Calla FOR-E-VER. On to Samara Studios -- Gembong West 229/143/31. Firstly because I love her shoes, secondly because she wrote a very nice "defense" for me on "Thank you Samara." Now I am not a huge fan of Samara's clothes. They are a bit too close to what my mom would wear. And the truly wonderful thing is that she gave me (and anyone else) permission to SAY that. (Feel the breath of fresh air here?). But, I absolutely LOVE her shoes and already had three pair of untied sandals (one was a gift and one on sale but still). So to say thanks, I decided that I simply MUST need another pair of those Untied Sandals since I wear them so often.

I'll skip the long story here as this is a long post, but I now have FOUR pair of Untied Sandals (I obviously need to branch out here). So TY Samara for your kind words and gifts. You have seen these shoes often and will see them again so no need for a pic which is good as I am tired and need to go CAMPING again to replace my money spent today. (Actually the Tuli pic has my old ones in smoke :D)


The point to all this -- in case you missed it -- is that ALL our designers (your favorites, my favorites) are working folks. They spend tons of hour I suspect on their labors of love. Some make big bucks I hear, some do not (also here say). Whatever. They deserve our support. Pick your favorite(s) and BUY something this week. Especially if you don't do that often. If you want, post it here -- who you love and what you purchase. We'd really like to know.

And with that I'm going to go see if my favorite coffee cart spot is available (wink).