Cassiopeia Isle

I saw a post that there was an event going on at Cassiopeia Isle so I ventured over to see what I could find to show you.

First up is a very cute dress from LVS & Co. -- Cassiopeia Isle 225/25/22. It comes in MANY colors (see photo below) and comes with a cute pail with many details.

Now there appears to be some problems with this dress, but it may simply be my new release candidate viewer (the only one that works for me at the moment). But things to look out for would be 1. a seemingly INVISIBLE underskirt. It comes on as a skirt for a second and then disappears. I tried this with a purple one also with the same problem. 2. One of the inside panels of the skirt has reverted to orange and when I tried to unlink it and modify it, I could not. Again, this may be my client and you may be able to fix. I have read on the blogs that this is happening a lot so it is no reflection on the designer, just our VERY tough month of April.

Even if you ONLY buy this for the top, hat and pail it is a good deal. Note that there are no pants so you might want to make some in the appearance editor. I suspect that the ORANGE version of this doesen't have the inner texture problem. Shown with shoes by Tesla.

A bit of wandering found a variety of free and dollarbie items including something from Nissa Nightfire of our blog! Fun. I only bought a few things to show you as I really don't need much and many things looked nice but were not my style. Here are a couple more things you might want to look for at the marketplace.

Elate! -- Cassiopeia Isle 159/187/22 -- has some cute dresses for $1 for ALL THREE. Mint is show here. The other colors are teal and rose (same pattern). The vendor is hanging out front with the dresses on hangers. It is slightly retro and nicely made.

Splashing Doll -- (sorry no Cassiopeia Isle LM but it is near LVS & Co I believe) has two skins for $1. This one has lovely lips and other nice qualities. The other comes with blue violet (blueberry?) lipstick. Note that the swimsuit is NOT at Cassiopeia. It is from SWA's lucky chair (may no longer be available there).

Again there are LOTS of very obvious free and dollarbie items around, so just wander a bit and see what appeals to you. There are furniture stores, shape shops and art galleries intermingled with the clothing stores. Enjoy!