Gray and Pink Bliss

I saw a post from Juliet about an extremely cute top that was a group gift from MG Fashion. I zipped over to their main store lickity-split to see if seemed like a designer group I would like to join. Indeed there were lots of great looking tops in an abundance of colors -- can you say full color spectrum five times really fast? I did finally find the group. The problem seemed to be the two letter search bug in the new client -- so keep trying if you decide to join. The top is extremely nice with great detail. (I had a close up shot in the collage but it was so distracting (boob shot) that I took it out. ) The trim on this blouse is pink ribbon. The sweater with and without detail (two versions) is available in most any color you would like. The large vendor is prominently displayed at the front of the store. This is a hand drawn item and there has been a lot of attention paid to "getting it right". That is very easy to see. So take a look. MG Fashions -- Mystikal 123/118/27 right across from Mystikal Hair.

Shown with Bossa Nova -- Amour 200/44/0 -- capris and bangles (hunt I believe) and Untied Sandals from Shoes Simply Shoes -- Gembong West 229/143/31

The second outfit screams Summer and those warm days will be here soon. This is from RAHZ --Sterling Heights 143/101/22, a very nice shop right across from ANA_MATIONS. I wandered over there last night after buying my AO. They have a large variety of bright and cheery garments including some for men. I think there is also a gift bag for men. This outfit comes with a long sleeved brief white jacket, but I preferred it without. It is very nicely done and could be a swimsuit also - sans garters and such. BEWARE that the LM inside the gift apparently goes to a private sex area and NOT the store. I had to backtrack to get the SLURL for ya :D Shown with Nightmare shoes in white by :: 69 --MIYABI 35/218/503.