Dark Eden

By now, if you read the blogs faithfully -- or simply look at the pictures -- you know that Dark Eden is relocating to Olive --Olive 163/232/41. When I saw their post yesterday about their new store, I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a camp chair. And, since I really love camp chairs as they are a kind of "pay for your prize" option, I went over to check BOTH the chair and the new store.

I will say the new store is very roomy and easy to find things in. I love the colors and the patterns on the wall. It seemed large enough for now and the not too distant future. I hope this move works well for them. Indeed there are two camping chairs and I chose to sit for the Gray Latex Jacket which is available for purchase in a variety of other brilliant colors. It comes in two sizes. Since I am 6 feet and not super thin, the regular size fit me perfectly with no adjustments needed at all. Yeah!

While I was sitting for my 45 minutes I had plenty of time to cruise the store with my camera controls. I was SO taken with this display I just had to take a snapshot. The model is beautiful, the outfits colorful and the display very tasteful. What more could you ask for in marketing.

Jacket in hand, I left the store to find that I had very little to wear it with. Oh NO! That inventory cleaning may have left me a little skimpy in some areas, but what I have left are favorites so that is a GOOD thing all in all. Anyway, serendipity came to the rescue this morning with a folder of low (low) riser jeans from WRONG. They will be commented on in detail in another post, but I felt they went very well with the jacket. Enough excitement to keep them from being boring, simple enough to show off the jacket. Now I think I need some DANGLY earrings! (wink).

Dark Eden Gray Latex Jacket
WRONG Splattered Jeans (black)
::69 Nightmare heels
SD Love Me Knot hair