Hunts and Such - Are We Simply Tired

Have I missed them? So far I have only seen one post on the Red Stick Hunt (thanks Serene) and nothing on Ohana which I think has started but have lost the post on that.

Are we "all" getting tired? Have we had way too much of too many good things of late? The designers (at least many of them) have definitely been VERY generous of late. It is difficult to say whether this is natural altruism or competition. I would prefer to think the former of course but pragmatically it is likely a bit of both. The fashion world of Phil's Place is not far it seems from its RL model.

We, the customers (hopefully we are actually customers from time to time) are the definite beneficiaries of there gifts, but it seems like there may be a saturation point. True, there are always "new folks" coming in and that is most likely good for the society as a whole. Still I wonder how the small shops can survive and the larger designers (despite their profits?) keep their enthusiasm if their events become less than resounding successes.

With so much out there now, even those with freebie mania (yes, I was definitely one but trying to wean myself off) can become overwhelmed. There are only so many hours in a virtual day and so much time we can devote in hunter gatherer mode (wink).

I am not a designer, but it seems like there needs to be a shift here. Then again, I am often looking at a much bigger picture (walking the perimeter of the forest) than most folks. Just some thoughts -- late at night.