Raeva's -- ModusVivendi 129/136/55 --is a small -- new to Fashcon -- boutique with limited stock but some real promise. She currently has a bright and cheery outfit to give away for a dollar. Find it at the very front of the store when you come in. Note -- there are TWO dresses to click on. Each dress has both versions so no need to buy both. The items are mod so if you don't like the full sleeves they are easy to tighten up. Her dresses all seem to be $50 which seems like a pretty good value judging from this dress. So take a look and see if she has something you would like.

I personally didn't think the brown skirt went well with this top as there is no "brown" in the top to coordinate, Still it is a good skirt for mix and matching with other tops and a nice bonus.

Beware. The TP point takes you to a club and you need to jump over the balcony and down to get to her shop. Plenty of people were finding it tonight though, so I bet you can too.