A reader sent me a landmark to Shameless - Vicious Island 165, 94, 22 -- and said there was a new free outfit that I might want to check out. I arrived and while searching for the outfit in the picture she sent I found a plethora (I so love that word) of very nice free tops, pants and coordinates. Simply wander around the store and look for large pink arrows denoting the free items.

There are many cute outfits here and while the name seems to suggest something else, the freebies anyway were very tame. Many had cute animals or hearts on the tops. So, keeping in theme, I headed over to a kids park I had found yesterday. You got it -- serendipity!

Here are only SOME of the many free items (lots of tops not shown). Most all the outfits I saw for sale were $100 so the prices are very reasonable. Most for sale items include very short skirts and a bit more daring designs which may be why these items are now free.

There are pants, costumes and a few things for men also. Oh, and boots. Who KNOWS what I might have missed. Be sure and go upstairs also.