Inventory Blues

I suspect that we all have inventory blues. So fun to shop and try on and wear and even photograph (wink), but organizing? Not so much.

I have been pretty good from the beginning with my inventory. I deleted things that were things I knew I wouldn't wear. These either had BAD words (my opinion only here) on them, seams that didn't come close to matching, too much logoness to them (although I love my SEY logo tank). But what do I do with wonderfully made things that still don't seem like me? Well I kept them of course. You never know when tastes might change or a new outfit opportunity might arise. The Nightmare shoes from ::69 are a good example. VERY nicely made and the hunt was great, but was I ever going to wear shoes with skulls and bows? Well they went perfectly with the Granny's Bones dress from Sn@tch (thanks Ivey). Always surprises.

So when reorganizing my inventory I already had folders for things like "accessories", "jewelry", "dresses and formals", "jackets and sweaters" etc. I also had some outfits. But it was still hard to find things and sometimes I would lose my favorite top or jeans (not my '84s as they are easy to remember and search for-- but others). So in my NEW plan, I added folders for "favorites" and "maybe someday" for things I wear a lot and things I might someday find a need for. I figured I would check those "maybe someday" folders in 6 months and see if I still wanted to keep them.

I also added a new top level (under clothing) folder for "Purchased" as I have purchased very little and can remember those easily right now.


A couple of tips for those of you who like me decide that it is time to get some organization into your virtual clothing closet.

First, most of you probably know about the OUTFITS option. For those that do not, you simply dress in your outfit of choice, right click on yourself and choose "Appearance". From there choose the "Make Outfit" button and then click in all the little boxes where you want what you are wearing to be added to your outfit. If you change skins often (or hair) you may want to leave those off the list. It's all up to you. Save and give your outfit an appropriate name. This works very well with COPY items. If you have items that are not copy, it simply puts it in that particular outfit UNTIL you make another outfit with the same garment. So not so handy. Be aware.

Secondly a good trick for no mod items with less than descriptive names is to make a new folder for JUST that item (or all the pieces of it if it comes in layers or with prims). So something entitled "Tallys Top" (no such item to my knowledge) can be put into a folder called "Red sweater w front buttons and tintable undershirt" or whatever makes sense to you.

I also like having a folder for "sets" of things that came together. This is both handy and limiting. If your item is copy then you could put a copy of the pants into your pants folder for example as WELL as with the set. This will make your inventory even larger of course, but it makes it easier for me to find elusive separates.

That's what I have learned so far in my inventory rearrangement. About halfway done. Will I ever pick up MORE things? Most likely. But now at least there is a system in place that will make it easier to categorize my finds and purchases.

As an aside here it is interesting to note that as Chic I am a Capricorn (not in RL) and Capricorns are very big on linear thinking and organization. They LIKE plans and systems (wink).