[12 PM inworld time] The fashion show at Rezzable Cascade Fashion Center is about ready to begin. Amongst the Beautiful People -- who really are impressive (smile), it is difficult not to inspect every prim to see who made what. I am being as classy as possible however and keeping my right clicks to myself.

The showcase is gorgeous with shades of cobalt and aqua ice surrounding us all. There are men here also which is a nice mix of energies. The showcase itself seems coolly masculine and is a lovely backdrop for dramatic clothing. All photos use the regional default settings, so hopefully the colors are close to what the designers intended you to see.

Designers included Moxie Polano, Callie Cline, Forda Fairlane. Since even looking back at my chat, I cannot be certain who made what in all cases, I will simply let you go explore the new stores at Rezzable's Cascade Fashion Center.

Be sure and where your jacket. It is icy there (wink).

Here are some photo highlights of the show: