I have always been a big fan of plain clothes with STUFF. Now sometimes -- especially in Virtualland -- I can overdo the stuff, but still; its fun. I wanted to show you some of my latest finds, most of them free (or previously free).

This great mask, fan, gloves and top came from AmourPacific 1 -- AMOREPACIFIC 1 178/119/74. The fan is only one of several colors and is intricately detailed and VERY lovely. It weighs in at only one prim. The mask also comes in gold and is of very nice quality. The gloves and top were part of a purple formal; I abandoned most of it :D.

Be aware that the link above will NOT take you where these goodies are. Follow your beacon or the coordinates. The display of goods is off a ballroom area. The link I gave you is to a fountain nearby. I'm sure, if you are good slueths, that you can find things from there. There are purple shoes that are quite nice but the base didn't come CLOSE to being correct and I didn't want to fiddle with making new bases (sigh).

Shoes by ::69 (hunt - really fun shop)
Pants by ETD (freebie wall - some new hairs there also)
Hair by WRONG (not free, but on sale at the time)
Drama Queen AO (no longer free)

While that purple outfit is lovely, it really isn't ME at all. This is more up my alley. I can't tell you HOW MUCH I love these "Melange" bracelets by Tekeli-li -- Asunder 112/132/39 They are color change and lovingly rendered. There are earrings and a necklace that match. You can buy in a set for a bit of a discount. I think the bracelets were 110 which is a fantastic deal for the quality.

Also shown here are my FREE YES FREE Angry Monkey -- Eternity 131/162/536 -- Villager boots. I doubt they are still free but the store is really fun. Iif you are into anything close to steam punk, Waterworld garb be sure and check it out. I blogged these before but I simply love them as well as many of the other items in the store so take a look.

Also shown:
Sassy sweater from Nuclear Boutique (hunt but still available in the shop I believe)
Hombre (mens) Evolution pants from Nuclear Boutique (gift and may still be in the menswear section).

ALSO Nuclear Boutique currently has a very nice navy business pants suit for its free item of the week. It looks great with the sassy sweater showing above.