Love Not War + Shades

Just wanted to report a couple of great new designer free items. First there is a Love Not War tank from Rave Nation -- Candyland 28/214/27. Bright and summery with a good slogan (IMHO). Works for me. The tank is over with the other free items in a TINY box, near the OnRez etc. boxes not far from the door.

And, as serendipity would have it, Whimsical Creations -- Taber 100/204/22 -- just put up some really cute sunglasses. The free pair is in pink and matches the shirt very nicely. They also come in a variety of other colors for $75. The glasses are a bit hard to find and this is mostly a furniture store but they are directly in front of the entrance prominently on the wall.

Hair: Airy by ETD