Hexed in Black and White

It's easy to wander into a designer's store, find things you like and sign up at the SubscribeOmatic. It is also easy to forget WHO you have signed up with -- especially if you don't get any messages - LOL.

Well as I was taking photos for the Silent Sparrow article, a message came in from Hexed saying that she hadn't sent out any notices in awhile and here was a gift. Honestly? I couldn't remember just who Hexed was, but assumed I had signed up so I accepted the attachment. Later on opening I found the cutest box with a picture of the garment on it. I was VERY excited from the photo to try it on.

It is SO cute and very "me". So I zipped over to an appropriate sim and took this photo. And happily after trying on the gift, I remembered both the designer and the shop -- and it was a VERY long time ago in virtual terms so I don't feel too bad for forgetting.

Anyway, if this looks like something YOU would like, venture over to Hexed -- Hex 123/99/39 and take a look.

Shown with :: 69 Nightmare heels.