It's me, back in my own skin and in the newest TULI group gift. This is SO fabulous. There are tons of options and just one shown here. You can have knickers with sculpty prims and either a plain or belted high waist option. Three hair colors are included with the hat. THANK YOU SO MUCH from all 3,000 of us.

Do I care if 3,000 other people will be wearing this tomorrow? Well maybe not EVERYONE, but still. Nope. Not a bit.

"Ana revamped" - available in 6 colors, includes jacket with prim cuffs, prim neck scarf, regular capris pants, knee pants with sculpted puff, sculpted hat with and without hair. Items also available separately. The colors are red, brown, purple, a dusty green, a dusty blue, and maybe a taupe (or it could be the gray I am wearing).

Know what, I'm going to go see! I suggest you do too. Tuli's shop at Le Zoo. --Le Zoo 61/167/22

Shown with Untied Sandals from Shoes Simply Shoes
Poses by LAP