One More Blog Dissolved

A reposting from Divine Ashby of my former blog “S*cond Lif* Colors” (wink).

To the Archives - Jeeves!

It is with a slightly heavy heart that I am closing SLC. It will remain as archives in hopes that the Powers That Be cannot figure out a way to close down a non-active site. Most of you in “our world” know of all the politics and drama afoot. Since the title and URL of this blog conflicts with the word mark of the new branding system, we are forced to change or perish.

Since Chic has been doing most of the posts of late and Wonder — though willing — would rather be taking pictures than writing, I have decide to simply stop publishing. The articles will remain for those of you that find them or find links to them (those links are supposed to disappear also so this may be a futile effort in keeping some historical record).

Anyway, Chic is blogging at her own new spot called “Chic at Phil’s Place” — — (I LOVE it) and will refrain from using any of the “L” words there. She is also writing at for the moment but it is likely that blog’s name will change soon because of rules.

While most of this doesn’t greatly affect any of us at SLC since we were so new when the ax dropped, I deeply empathize with those that are having their hard work of months and years destroyed.

May we all find new roads to happiness if the ones we have traveled are no longer available to us ..