The Chair - The Chair: Silent Sparrow

From posts by fellows on the blogs I knew the chair had changed at Silent Sparrow -- silent sparrow 201/88/21. And since I hadn't seen any posts of girlie things, I assumed (oh so wrongfully) that the chair had an outfit for men that women of course could wear. I had even glanced to see if it was my letter once as I passed by on a photo shoot the other day. But today I HAD A MESSAGE!

OK. So you don't believe in ESP and the like maybe, but I do. I TPed over to Silent Sparrow and walked over to the chair (by the stairs in case you don't know) and it was a "C". I actually WAS pretty surprised but it didn't stop me from hopping on.

There is a whole collection of mix and match goodies in the chair. I am showing only some here and also some that I altered in the Appearance and Build menus. Happily everything I attempted to modify was modify. Yeah! (insert clapping here). So we have a very pretty dress with lots of texturing detail and patterns. I am wearing the corset as well as the tutu skirt (darkened to match the color of the corset). I also have the bloomers on which normally go to where the stockings end. Being a bit more modern than many of hyasynth's fans I opted to make a copy and save a pair as short glitch pants. The stockings have cute details on the back. The bloomers look very cute just with the corset BTW.

There is also a jabot collar and some short gloves (not shown). The menswear outfit of course works fine for ladies also -- especially if you add the frilly cuffs.

Shown with :: 69 Nightmare heels.