That top picture is not of disappointment -- it is of exhaustion :D The Haute Couture Hunt is great. Many of the "little boxes" are easy to find. Some need camera controls. Since (letters we can't use) Free*Style did such a great job with photographs, just go here http://slfreestyle.blogspot.com/2008/04/its-haute-couture-darlings.html
to see many of the items to be found. I add the ZHAO shoes here as saw no photos of them. The red ones are the same as Callie Cline's friends week gift so some of you may have those. They are VERY nice though so be sure and pick them up.

I love the second pair of funky ones in dark gray. They don't fit me exactly right though. I am assuming it is because I am a BIG girl and my fat ankles get in the way. I am pretty sure however that these will work well with pants OR with my SHOP SEU leg warmers (previously blogged) so plan to work something out. Hint: ZHAO gave out TWO gifts; they are not in the same little boxes. They ARE however easy to find so broaden your horizons a bit from the "little black box" mindset and mouseover a few things.

ALSO if you have occasion to wear fancy jewelry be sure and stop by Alienbear Design as there is a lovely, large stoned, blue necklace suitable for formalwear.

According to Emee Flanagan (on site at the event) THE HUNT WILL CONTINUE TILL TOMORROW AT 12NOON SLT :)