Happy Sisters :D

Seasons and Facets are having a grand opening and hunt. Find them at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Henrietta/87/97/130

In my opinion this is a very good hunt BECAUSE:

  • The items to find are not HIDDEN per se. They are in plain view. You do not need camera control skills or the use of wireframe mode to find them (yeah).
  • The items are very nice and you are likely to find something that you will want to keep -- or maybe you may want to keep it ALL and that works too.
  • The stores are roomy and tasteful and there was plenty to look at while searching.
This is an opening celebration of two stores across from each other. So even if you don't want to HUNT, be sure and pick up the very nice opening gifts prominently displayed in the foyers. And check the four lucky chairs outside too.

So far as the hunt goes, you are looking for small picture of two women -- the happy sisters -- a bit larger than a playing card. They are fairly obvious so you shouldn't have much trouble. There are 8 prizes in all with most being multi-pieced. Here are some of my favorites.

There are shoes and jewelry in both stores and clothing in one. Enjoy!

Be sure and teleport to the second floor. There is a smallish elevator type button that gets you there. That's a hint.