WOOT IVEY - Granny's Bones

There is no secret that I am a member of Sn@tch and love the items there. The quality is great, the variety large and the generosity seemingly never ending. Now and then -- yes, I admit -- things are a bit too .... well "too" for me, but many times I am instantly in love.

Tonight the group received a come and get it notice for a typical on the wall hunt. For some reason I found it very quickly this time. I admit that isn't always the case LOL and sometimes I am there FOR-E-VER looking.

Tonight was a jackpot though with a great dress with two skirts and lots of detail. It is called Granny's Bones and is free through Friday according to the notice.

I, personally, like the TINY little skirt but it is great there are two choices. The dress with hard to find tiny skulls on there (don't worry if you aren't into that much -- they are not very obvious) goes PERFECTLY with my shoes from the ::69 Grand Opening Hunt last week. Now WHO would have thought I would have found something that goes perfectly with bows and skull shoes? LOL. You just never know.

I haven't tried but I am pretty sure this would make a great top with some plain black pants too. So many options.

THANK YOU IVEY!!!!! Find this and other great items at Sn@tch -- Pulse 177/213/30 and don't forget to check the lucky chair and other freebie boxes if you haven't been before.

Also shown:

::69 Nightmare heels
Melange bracelet by Tekeli-li
Philotic Energy hair