How Much is Enough?

So the Haute Couture hunt was great fun. I find I haven't opened anything from there yet though. What's THAT about? Well it may simply be that I know what is there from other posts (thank you) or it may be that I simply have enough STUFF (insert big wink here). In two and a half months of manic hunting and gathering (most of it very enjoyable and not work at all) I have about 2000 clothes items. Now some of those are repeats from the outfits generator and some of course I purchased, but not all that many.

AND I was absolutely VERY good about deleting anything I knew I wouldn't wear. That is a LOT of things to wear. Some items of course are parts of a complex blouse for example, but even if you cut that number in half it is still most likely more than one could wear in six months (counting accessories here) if they only changed once a day :D

SO -- I have decided that I need to get that inventory REALLY organized and then maybe become a little less manic about the hunter-gatherer mode that I seem to have been in. It is funny as my real life wardrobe is VERY sparse and I am usually wearing the SAME thing when someone comes to visit. Oh well.

So, this isn't a goodbye really. I am sure I will be back and already have a couple of fashion post ideas (including maybe some inventory control tips from my trip into the depths of mine). I can see how Divine got burned out though. And even in my short time in SL I have seen other fashion find bloggers come and go, so I guess this is mostly expected. When something starts turning into WORK instead of play it sort of looses its appeal -- especially when we are here to PLAY.

We'll see how it goes. I am sure I won't stop blogging. I have several non-"virtural world" (almost slipped there) blogs of my RL person. And there is most likely a LOT of things in world to write about besides the newest freebie. HMMMMM>

Anyway. That's the news from Chic's Place.