About Your Stash

A new hunt starts today. I am guessing you can tell the theme from this photo *wink*.  Mudhoney's is the starting point; 4:20 is the kickoff time. This is the *Stash Bash* and you are looking for baggies full of -- ah, "oregano". The bags are very easy to find, the prizes very nice. Sure to be a favorite is the Hookah Skybox, one of the prizes from The Sea Hole.

The skybox is roomy and weighs in at 67 prims with all the furnishings. The textures are luscious and the hookah is big --- really, really big!  LOL.

My personal favorite part of the abode is the garden window with dancing particles. So pretty, and it gives you a view even when the skies might be less than picturesque.

Another housing option from the hunt and one with fewer prims is this Love Shack from Mia Snow. A beach house with an open airy feel, it comes complete with accessories including ash trays with "cigarettes". The decor  items are included in the prize pack separately so you can add some retro memorabilia to your current house if you wish.

There are clothes too of course. My outfit is from Sn@tch and comes with long peasant skirt. I opted for just the pants; much better for the hookah and those pillow poses. (Sash is by MALT and not part of this hunt.) This nicely detailed necklace is from Ducknipple. You can join the group to get hints if you need them. Just click on the hunt sign.

So get your groove on and start hunting for those baggies!

Poses by Pffiou, Amacci, LAP, LOTTA