Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!  This is the forty-first celebration of the day of awareness. It seems only fitting to be out digging in the dirt. That isn't a possibility really in my corporeal mode, perhaps tomorrow will be dryer :D. Still, I can garden virtually and celebrate living with the land.

My afternoon props include a small part of a great group gift from Tea Soup, an acoustic guitar set; three guitars each with their own pose. You can wear you guitars (very handy for photo shoots out and about) or rez one of the static versions. At only five prims the musical instrument makes a great home decor item as well as a prop; pose ball is included. Tea Soup also has some poses out for Project Themeory Mismatch week.

Potting bench by Alchemy's Attic.

My outfit includes two great hunt prizes from The Season's Hunt.  I have only visited a few stores so far, but these were on my list of not to miss spots. The cute summer top hales from Willow. With so much to look at in the store, this bee could be tricky to find. I am not sure exactly how, but I found it right away. My mojo was really working this morning. Skip the giant decoy bees of course. Well you KNEW that :D!

Second up from the hunt is a many layered set of dirt tattoos. Now I have some dirt tattoos from long ago,  but these are so much nicer; very authentic. There are even ones for you face. They are the prize from Miss Shippe's Studio. I wore the sock layer OVER my Paradisis flitry jeans -- this time in wine. So be assured that the jeans are clean and neatly ironed and ready for most any casual activity. Dirt is not required.  They come with two styles of prim cuffs. I chose the flared version this time out. I love all the great colors.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Emilia ~ Natural Copper
Skin: [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 02 Purity w Terra lipstick ; Digging in the Dirt (SO) by Miss Shippe's Studio
Clothing: Willow~ Cinched Waist Tank- Floral;  PARADISIS Flirty Jeans

Accessories: TeaSoup - Acoustic Guitar [ 1, wear ]; potting bench supplies

Poses by:Guitar and LAP

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    I'm so very very glad you liked it! -Miss Lillian Shippe.