Donation Dollars

Project FUR opens tomorrow. I took a brief stroll of the grounds this afternoon and can pretty much guarantee that if you want to shop and donate at the same time, you can definitely find something to your liking here. Clothes and skins and hair, furniture and poses, houses and plants and --- well just about any category your shopping needs dictate.  As you enter Project FUR Japan, you are welcomed with animals. Well of course!  Exotic animals, bunnies and kitties are available for your purchasing pleasure. The kitty vendors had "sold out" tags on them when I visited, but I am guessing that they are on hold until the official hour so that everyone can partake in the shopping frenzy.

From the press release:

All the items on sale are 100% donated to JEARS (Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support). This charity is comprised of 3 private no kill animal welfare organizations in Japan. They are rescuing and providing medical care for lost and abandoned animals after the horrible earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan. We welcome you to come take a look at the sim!

This cause is so important as many Japanese people are so worried about their animals and this brings them much hope knowing they are being taken care of which really helps their spirit during this tragic time.

Date: April 2,  Time:   9pm

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