Living in Fantasy

Fantasy Faire opened today. It is impressive. From the central tp point you can venture to any of the themed sims. My personal favorite sim was Dark Mirage. There are many great things about this year's faire. It is rich in detail; architectural elements are on a grand scale; diversity reigns.

There are trade offs of course. With only 10 to 16 avatars in most sims this very early morning, I crashed three times. Those are the first three times this month, so it isn't a usual thing for me. Most of the folks shopping were decked out in full fantasy gear with prims enough for a family of five, swimming or flying AOs et al. So between the richness of the sim decorations and the authentic attire of the guests, it is laggy. My suggestion is to treat the faire like Disneyland. Visit one theme at a time, take a break and return. There is much to see.

My feminine and Springlike outfit of the morn is from the Easter Egg Extravaganza at The Rumor and The Whisper sims. Mixed reviews continue on :D. The hunting is a bit tricky. Some shops have a variety of eggs that are not hunt items. Some hunt items could not be purchased , some I simply couldn't find. So "hard hunting" is the rule  in many cases. On the plus side I found five items and all were very nice. Beware! Some hunt items are free and some cost lindens. My outfit above consists of two prizes and cost $15 total -- a very good deal.

The handkerchief top is from Mangikisu and the matching (I am a very lucky gal) linen pants are from Shania's Sock ShopI also found three very nice scooped Henley tee shirts -- two print and one plain for free. There are bound to be more goodies out there if you are in a hunting mood.

PS - I want to mention that the top has its tag up in the back. A very cute and very realistic touch!  How many times do we tuck those wayward tags back into our clothes and out of viewing range. Fun!

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Emilia ~ Henna
Skin: [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 05 Vogue
Clothing: 3s leggings_naughty_denim version_vintage; ;Mmk: Vintage Floral {Spring Forward}

Accessories: [Baubles] Natural Turquoise bracelet (NLA)

Poses by: BehaviorBody