If you are a member of Tuli's group, you know that Sara unveils tomorrow. I am pretty much a kid in a candy store when it comes to new releases from my most often worn skin store *wink*. Today it was a hurried unpacking to meet the new lady in town. Sara comes in the recently traditional tones of Pale, Fair, Sunkissed, Tan, Bronze (shown above) and Mocha. There is a new tone set added to the Sara line.  Pearl, Powder, Petal and Peach have enhanced pink hues which lend an ethereal look -- in my estimation anyway.

Sara has brown eyebrows as the built in color with a variety of tattoo layers if you need to change for hair coordination. She also comes with darker default lips, a plus for some of us who do not have multiple tattoo layers :D.  Freckles, brows, cleavage and lips are all additions that can be made with tattoo layers.

I wondered how Sara compared to Zoe (my current everyday skin) and Gina (Zoe's predecessor). So I took a few snapshots for my own discovering and will share them with you here. As you know, skins are very personal items. No matter how well made they can look fantastic on some folks and horrible on others. So of course you want to try out demos and see how they look with your shape.

This is Sara in Sunkissed.

And this is Zoe in sunkissed.

 And Gina.

The photos in this post are completely unretouched, taken in the same light at the same time and place and with the same pose.

Honestly, there are still things I like about Gina the best, her overall "knowing" look is a big part of her attraction for me. I prefer her lip shape too, but on very (very very) close inspection, Zoe seems to be the winner still. Her nose fits almost perfectly, a challenge with my slider values. And the extra contrast in Zoe, something that took awhile to bond with, really photographs nicely.

Many of you have your own Tuli favorites. Still, change is often a way of exploring new territory, so be sure and stop by the Tuli main store Friday and meet Sara!

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Emilia ~ Dark Brown

Pose, eyes and eyelashes by Amacci