Of Dark Nights and Ladybugs

I could have entitled this post "Treatise on Inventory", but that might have scared you away. True I do have a couple of thoughts on the stuff we accumulate in our virtual lives. Even though they are merely pixels, they take up room somewhere in cyberspace.

The main point of this post, however, is to show you the newest release from Blue Blood, or at least part of the set. There are always so many choices with Ghanima's designs that getting dressed becomes an adventure. In this case I was compelled to journey over to Viewer 2 territory (Kirstens as I had major issues as well as dislikes with the official viewer) in order to get all the attachments and layering that I needed for this styling. I mean who wants to wear just ONE ladybug pastie? :D.

One of the things I like about Blue Blood designs -- aside from the handmade aspect -- is that they seem to bridge many genres. To me, this looked a bit sci-fi and so I ventured over to Insilico for this photo shoot, somewhere I hadn't visited in a long while. 

And that leads to my pondering of the eve. Stuff. Most of us have quite a bit of it. It is difficult not to collect stuff if -- a. you like to shop or hunt, b. you are a content creator, c. you are a blogger. My ladybug pasties are from long, long ago for example and I wasn't sure I would even have the occasion to wear them again, but they were so cute -- I surely didn't want to toss them. And see? A perfect, if quirky pairing.

And here is my inventory question: 

I have been housecleaning once again lately although I admit I have become delayed in my building of a swamp shack and the textures I have been creating for it. Still, I was at 26,456 on my last log in -- much less than many of you out there *wink*.

When I logged into Kirsten's viewer, I had an inventory of 25,000 even. I did a search to see if I could get that number up, but no. So, dear readers, I am asking you in the know -- did inventory controls actually go into effect? And if so, why wasn't it all over the feeds?  When I logged back in on my old style viewer my items appeared again in total. A mystery.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations - Tracy blood
Skin: [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 05 Vogue
Clothing: +++BB+++ Karina RED
Shoes: PixelDolls (Aphelion) . Graphite . Bootie
Accessories: i love 13: Ladybug

Poses by: EverGlow