City Streets

I have been a fan of Ronsem for a long while --  almost a year being as they are celebrating a first anniversary.  And with that anniversary comes a new gift, this great unisex tunic-sweatshirt. This is definitely something I would wear in real life!  OK, no shoes; I am a barefoot gal.  Find the vendor on the wall near other past freebies. While you are there, you might want to also pick up this cute blond hair (gift bag on a table) and the current hunt item (coming up in the next post).

To finish off my very cool new look, I added some comfy sweats from Paradisis, jewelry from KOSH and I even switched to a pale version of Tuli's ZOE skin.  Maybe blonds do have more fun! The tribal tattoo is a new release from J.E.M.

I found my photo shoot spot of the morn in the deep recesses of my landmarks folder. Not in "photo ops" where it should have been, but jumbled up with stores and sandboxes and the like. I cannot remember finding the City of Concord, but it is a great backdrop. A two sim complex, it is light role play with visitors welcome. Residents can drive the streets so watching out for cars and those in Drivers Training is a good plan *wink*. Other than that, it seems very safe.

Style Notes: 

Hair: RONSEM* MAI / Blonde
Skin: [:T:] Zoe / pale :: TTH exclusive; J.E.M -Sorry.Asia- Tribal 2 (BLACK) (new release)
Clothing:RONSEM* 1st Anniversary Te(s) (new gift);  PARADISIS Streets : Pants Grey
Shoes: MK Super Sneaks Wedge V1.2

Poses by: EverGlow