Night Magic

This dual purpose post of the morn is mostly to update you on the New Toulouse Egg Scramble hunt which I posted about last eve. But first up -- and especially for the fashion feeds -- is this fantastic new gift hair from DURA. Many thanks to I AM RICH for posting on this and to the feeds for letting us keep up with the news by scrolling *wink*.  Simply great hair and free to group in a three color pack. I have also been working on my night and dim lighting photo skills trying to get rid of that nasty facelight glare that I see on so many photos (mine included). Getting there.

And here is a bit of an update on the egg hunt. I returned this morning and of course found many more eggs. These are only a few of the many items you can find in the hunt. There are also hats, rugs, a full avatar, a fun little boat -- and the list goes on. Special thanks (and a plug in the photo) to Pocket Gardens who I am pretty sure sent me the info on the hunt. I found a few of the gifts from there and love the spiky plant!   I am indeed also in lust with New Toulouse Algiers and Bayou and have been doing my best to keep myself by buying a lot in the bayou *wink*. So far my resolve has held. I will be returning for more photos. There is a humorous story that goes along with all of this, but that is for the PERIWINKLE post late this eve.

If you are going hunting and know how to change your Windlight settings, I suggest using "foggy" as it make for a very magical journey.