Testing One-Two-Three

I did a lot of testing last eve trying to see if I could get a good shadow photo without an hour of post processing :D.  The answer is "maybe", but as someone commented on my previous post, maybe we should start a PURIST No Shadow group *wink*.   That is most likely my plan.  I did get an answer from Kirsten about my personal viewer issue. It is not a 64 bit issue, it is a graphics card issue. I have ATI. Faster and better for many things, but not SL. Actually I sort of knew that, so subconsciously there must have been a plan. I tried shooting at 3500 pixels which helped some but also introduced other issues. So no easy fix for me.

I took these photos this morning with the same settings and in default lighting. NO retouching muddies the comparison. The top is from Kirsten's viewer S 21 (5) and the bottom from Imprudence 1.4. They are very close in quality but for me Kirstens is a bit better. My bottom photo appears to have a few unloaded textures in the background. Not a viewer issue, just me without coffee.

Click on either photo for a high rez version.

Like some other photographers and bloggers out there I am still in a quandary. I like the full feel of subtle shadows, but I can live without them. I love the multiple layers and multiple attachment points of Viewer 2 but absolutely hate some of the other features -- mostly the enforced web add-ons for profile and now search. I don't want to work harder; I want to work smarter. I really have tried to embrace V2 and I can get around nicely in there now, but I still miss some features of Imprudence (and most likely other old style third party viewers).

My very pretty jewelry is from Eclectica. I have had it in my "to be blogged" folder for some time. Last night it made its debut!  I paired it with the very popular Artemis dress from  Kouse's Sanctum (2011 Relay).

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Jessica ~ Brown Auburn
Skin: [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 06 Brass
Clothing: [K~*~S] Artemis

Accessories: Eclectica Flounce earrings and necklace

Poses by: EverGlow, LAP