Cyber Fashion

A super quick late night post because I just can't resist. This is another gift that I picked up at Alpha Point the other day. I mean wow, is this creative or what? Now I can't imagine wearing this all the time, but it is definitely IMPRESSIVE. I zipped over to Aeon Flux which is now a metered role play combat sim, tried to find the rules to no avail and took my chances for a quick snapshot. I did run into someone, but she was friendly and I told her my story in IM so I think I am good with the powers that be.

You just never know when you might really need an outfit like this! *wink*

Style Notes: 

Ms. Art Deco silver by jin Acacia

Poses by: Amacci

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    # by Chalice Carling - April 30, 2011 at 11:27 PM

    Ummm WOW. Super WOW. I love that.