Base Camp RN-339

Just out - two new pairs of sexy little boots that coordinate perfectly with the recent *Gallactic* collection of body suits from PixelDolls.  The boots are really, really tall *wink*. The suits are really, really sleek. Shown here is the Aphelion set in Graphite.

I decided to continue the achromatic theme, added a few role play accessories and journeyed over to Vanguard Research Base RN-339.  Definitely an interesting way to end my day.

Style Notes: 

Hair: "Eve" GenII by Tekeli-li
Skin: *~{Frick} Autumn's Fell - Ghost - Dk Brows
Clothing: (Aphelion) . Graphite (new release)
Shoes: (Aphelion) . Graphite . Bootie (new release)
Accessories: [NCD] Cyr's Spyke Shoulder Pad; :::insanya::: Serial Killer Katana sword black with red

Poses by: EverGlow