Season's Palette Hunt 2

It is mid afternoon on my part of the globe and I have "finished" the Season's Palette Hunt. Now that finished is in quotes as I got stuck big time when I got around to the beginning. LOL. So much of this post is just to warn you that they aren't ready for you yet. Some empty but for landmark hunt prizes, some still not set for sale. It got depressing, especially since the middle and end of the hunt went fairly smoothly for day one. Ya just never know. It may look like I am sulking, but I am not. I am enjoying quiet time with the bear in the .......

My Closet Seat from Le Primitif, number 42. It comes with lots of poses (only one person can sit as I got Lani over with no luck) AND some color change choices on the pillows. All good. I am guessing this is meant for the small fry among us, but I like that as it is actually people sized. It is copy only but if you really don't want a teddy bear in your bedroom, I am guessing you could put something in front of it like a suitcase maybe? Anyway a very nice prize.

There are plenty of well-made gifts in this hunt. Lots of great furniture (with poses that didn't fit my ridiculously long arms unfortunately) some houses and a selection of clothes. Not too many things were my style and so I will be leaving it up to others to show you. My short set however is both minimalist and varied as it comes with three color choices of tops and two of shorts. Find the prize at SEVEN number 43.

If you are heading out to hunt, I suggest starting at  C'est la vie  number 24. Along they way you will find Bliensen + MaiTai number 32. Your prize there is a cute set of earring in ALL the palette colors, perfect for any outfits you find to love. There is also a necklace which seems to be sized for the guys.  From there you should be OK except for stop number 36, [Circa] C&D Designs. The landmark in 34 goes to a store, but not one in the hunt. Confusing. Happily, Nikki, got me back on the right track through group chat. There is another nice windowseat at Circa as well as some low prim cassocks that I loved but whose poses just wouldn't fit (sigh).

There are also hints now on the official blog

So that's my report. Go forth, have fun. Be prepared -- at least for the moment -- to fly home and unpack boxes and to find empty prizes. Ya gotta love the challenge.

My boots and hat are from a Yasum Designs outfit, what I was wearing when I hunted. Yes, lazy me.

Poses by: furniture and Vista Animations