Cafe Hunt : Domesticity

I took a break from artistic endeavors today and ventured over to the domesticity realm on The Cafe Hunt. Two thumbs go up for this hunt which has only a few problems, and what hunt doesn't. Lots of great shops (very CUTE shops with decorations that you want to stop and enjoy) and many that aren't on the typical hunt trails. So newness all around. I have tons of things to show you, but this will be a start. I am taking tomorrow off for many reasons including the SOPA protest :D.

Meanwhile --
Very cute glasses (not the only ones in the hunt) hale from Air (#2)
Eyes (three colors to choose from making some of my friends happy campers) from Rozena (#54)
Hair (one of two similar styles in this color) from *hair shop nodoka* (#24)
Necklace form Kue (sorry no numbers in that section).

That no numbering and such is a bit of a problem as it makes it difficult to tell where you are going if you get lost. The website has numbers (no store names) but many of the stores renamed their hunt items with only a store name; no hunt, no number.  You definitely want to keep that hint page open to check for hard to find items as well as the ones to skip :D.

There are many, many barista and maid outfits in the hunt with this one from izm. They run the gambit from plain to very "Alice" depending on the maker. So there is sure to be one you love amidst the choices.

This really nice coffee shop set of props including a mini crate with coffee bags and a hold pose also comes from Kue, a shop I used to stalk for its lucky boards long ago. The shop is very different now, but it was good to revisit.
Some very cute flats, suitable for many of the domestic laborer outfits can be found at [.XIV]. Other colors come in the prize pack.

I suggest doing the whole hunt. It would be difficult to find the pieces that will be your favorites by the hit and miss method. I will be showing you more on Thursday! LOTS more.

Poses by: Vista Animations and the coffee crate