About Those Boots

It really is about the boots, so they get the lead photo *wink*.  I don't need to say much; the photo will suffice. Great new boots with a Victorian flare out from lassitude & ennui. The Selene mesh boots are simply yummy. They bend with your ankle (gasp) and as any Victorian or Steamy lady knows, a well-turned ankle is something to be very proud of.

I donned myself in some old favorites and took myself over to Babbage, a place I hadn't visited in a long while. The boots come in a large selection of mixed and solid colors. I of course am partial to the plainer varieties including some luscious steamy brown ones just waiting for a new outfit!  There are also pastels for Spring (can't wait) and brights for when you really want to show off.

The boots come in two similar sizes for a perfect fit for many avatars.

Pose by: iBang