Year of the Dragon Hunt

This morning I reported on some hunt skins with one being on the Year of the Dragon hunt.  Happily Sami got enthused and decided to try out the hunt. She did a smallish section in the middle and came away with a few nice things. Her report is that the hunt includes many stores with perhaps new designers. The hunting wasn't too hard but the hints were of importance.  Her favorite fines included this Tai Chi set (unisex) from Cilian'gel. A short dress is available for gals in the same basic style. The sleeping panda bear with hold pose for photos is from Posh!

This really lovely tea service is from RnB Designs Furniture. The set weighs in at 25 prims.

The tea service (linked to the table) is outstanding.

I will definitely be going over to look for this. It is a no copy item, so pick up two. You never know when a database meltdown or other tragedy might occur.

If Sami continues on her hunting journey I will be sure and update you with her favorite finds.

Poses by: the bear and furniture